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How to Make an Amazing Candy Corn Cake

 How to Make an Amazing Candy Corn Cake

How to Make an Amazing Candy Corn Cake

Angela Carlos

This three-layer candy corn cake is fun and easy to make for your Halloween party.

Candy corn is one of those polarizing foods like cilantro or licorice — people either love it or hate. With over 35 million pounds of this sweet produced each year, obviously plenty of people are in favor of this corn-kernel shaped confection.

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Candy corn itself is mostly made of sugar, and corn syrup, with cornstarch to bind everything together. Its marshmallowy taste hasn’t changed in over 100 years. The candy was first distributed in the 1880s by Goelitz Confectionery Company and the company, now Jelly Belly Candy Company, still sells it today.

While this festive candy is available year round, most would agree that “candy corn season” is October, specifically around Halloween.This year, celebrate this storied American candy with an amazing tri-color, candy corn-inspired cake to share with guests at your Halloween party.


You can make this candy corn cake with basic baking tools.
To make this festive cake, you will need three nine-inch cake pans, plenty of parchment paper, yellow and orange food coloring, sprinkles, a large offset spatula, and a rotating cake stand. You also need the ingredients for a vanilla cake and frosting.

The Cake

This simple vanilla cake is made with a creamed butter method.

We used a standard vanilla creamed butter cake recipe for the three layers, like this yellow cake recipe from Flour Bakery. You will need to make one-and-a-half recipes for three, nine-inch layers. You can also make three thinner layers and remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly. To simplify the process you could also use a white cake mix, mixed according to the instructions on the box.

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