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  • Elise Bauer

    Classic Meatloaf

    BEST Meatloaf EVER! Learn to how to make meatloaf with ground beef, pork sausage, onion, celery, garlic, egg, parsley, and breadcrumbs. Homemade meatloaf is a staple. You'll want to keep this classic meatloaf recipe on hand.

  • Elise Bauer

    Dad’s Stuffed Bell Peppers

    These Stuffed Bell Peppers are such a classic. They're made with a mix of ground beef, rice, onions, tomatoes, and spices. No need to pre-cook the filling — just stuff, bake, and serve!

  • Sally Vargas

    Turkey Meatloaf

    Turkey Meatloaf! Make it with grated zucchini and carrot for moisture and an extra serving of veggies, then brush some sweet chili sauce on top for flavor. Freezes and reheats beautifully.

  • Elise Bauer

    Moroccan Meatloaf

    Lamb and beef meatloaf with Moroccan seasonings, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, ginger, paprika, cumin, coriander, cayenne, cinnamon, cilantro, saffron, and mint.

  • Nick Evans

    BBQ Meatloaf Bites

    Check out these BBQ Meatloaf Bites! Foods in miniature tend to go over well with kids, and our Eat Your Food! columnist Nick Evans found that to be true with these mini meatloaf bites baked in muffin tins. (We bet grown-ups will like them, too!)

  • Nick Evans

    Bourbon BBQ Meatloaf

    Here's a new riff on classic meatloaf with bourbon BBQ glaze! The secret to tender meatloaf? Mince your veggies and give them a quick sauté before mixing them into the meatloaf. You'll love it!

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