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Weeknight Pasta Dishes You Can Make In 30 Minutes or Less

Weeknight Pasta Dishes You Can Make In 30 Minutes or Less

Welcome to Meals Under 30, a new series featuring fast and delicious weeknight meals courtesy of our Culinary Content Network

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta With Spinach // Mon Petit Four

The Daily meal presents Meals Under 30, a new series in conjunction with our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers.

In each Meals Under 30 recipe round-up, our talented bloggers share their best go-to weeknight recipes for when they need to get dinner on the table fast. Our editorial team will choose our favorite enticing weeknight meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less; this week we are all about pasta. Here are our top recipe picks:

Broccoli and Bacon Tortellini Alfredo

This bacon and broccoli tortellini dish cooks up quickly when you use fresh refrigerated pasta. Chicken is an easy swap for the bacon here, too. Foody Schmoody says her kid loves bacon, noting, “I figured if he saw the bacon, he couldn’t back out of eating this dish.” Click here for the recipe.

Homemade Beef-a-Roni

A can of tomato soup, ground beef, and egg noodles are all it takes to pull together this tasty kid-friendly meal — but Platter Talk says adults love it, too! Click here for the recipe.

Skillet Baked Penne

Confessions of a Confectionista writes, “It would be in your best interest to add this to your meal rotation.” It’s true, there isn’t much wrong with a comforting bowl of warm pasta in red sauce. Find her recipe here.

Pasta With Zucchini Tomatoes and Fresh Basil

Food Hunter’s Guide includes a great instructional how-to video to accompany this light and easy veggie pasta. Check it out here.

Pumpkin Bolognese Spaghetti

Mon Petit Four stirs pumpkin purée into her quick version of Bolognese — a great way to sneak in extra vegetables, perhaps. Find the recipe here.

Roasted Pepper and Avocado Pasta

Living Sweet Moments blends avocados with roasted red peppers to make the creamiest sauce; just add cherry tomatoes and dinner is served. Click here for the recipe.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta With Spinach

“I’ve learned that if you purée the sun-dried tomatoes rather than just toss them into the pasta, you’ll get much more of the sun dried tomato flavor in each bite,” Mon Petit Four writes. “ I apply the same technique with this creamy sun-dried tomato pasta by blending the tomatoes with the cream, garlic, and parmesan in my food processor.” Click here for her recipe.